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Do you like Japan? Follow me! I'm nihonjon, an otaku and gamer living in Tokyo, Japan.

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How to Get a Free Japan Shipping Address

A few years ago I wrote a blogpost about How to Download Japanese Books for Kindle. The first step listed is using a fake address to register your credit card and shipping address. Many readers asked me if this was safe and were quite worried! Reasonably so. Most did it anyways and the guide work...

The Difference Between People from Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Kobe

Last week I had a few business trips around Japan.  In addition to enjoying excellent weather and riding a segway in Okinawa, I also got a culture lesson from the sales staff we met. It was after some Aomori cocktails no doubt that the talk of stereotypes arose and how Japanese people from differ...

Best Tsukemen in Japan Menya Ittou 麺屋一燈

Here's a quick video about one of my favorite foods in Japan: tsukemen.  This particular video was taken at one of the top-rated shops in the country, Menya Ittou. Get the location to visit it yourself at this tabelog link:  

How to Download Japanese Books for Kindle

UPDATE 10/14/2014 : Many are reporting VPN are necessary to purchase books. I've used StreamVia VPN for two years without a problem and recommend them. For many living abroad, buying Japanese books is a costly and inconvenient task. There are only a few options, and most are pricey import shops....

Japanese Kindle Books: Positives and Negatives of Linking accounts

The Kindle has launched in Japan finally, meaning Kindle Japanese books! And if that wasn't great enough, the Paperwhite is being sold for a price cheaper than it's sold for abroad, 7980 JPY, at about $20 cheaper than in the US!  I quickly show it in action in this Youtube video: It's suffered n...